7.1. Commandline help

If you are unsure about the syntax of a command or you forgot the exact name of a command, then the command-line help function in SPEX can help you. Simply entering help on the commandline explains the basic usage of help:

SPEX> help
   SPEX> help <command>

For a list of available help files, type 'help index'.

See also the SPEX Reference manual and the SPEX Cookbook on:

7.1.1. List of commands

When you type help index, SPEX will display all the commands for which a help text is available. From there you can pick the command that you want to see a simple help text for:

SPEX> help index
Help files are available for these commands:

  abundance     elim    log         simulate
  ascdump       error   model       step
  bin           fit     multiply    syserr
  calculate     help    obin        system
  comp          ibal    par         use
  data          ignore  plot        var
  dem           index   sector      vbin
  distance      ions    shiftplot   watch

  SPEX> help <command>