7.4. Report issues

If you have a problem with SPEX that you are unable to solve using our Solving SPEX problems page and the problem does not appear when you follow Find known issues, then you can submit an issue to our Github issue tracker. Please read the text below before clicking the link on the bottom of this page.

Also feature requests and questions about how to use the software are welcome. However, keep in mind that we have limited menpower. We may not be able to implement a new feature in a short time.

When you submit an issue, please provide the following information (where applicable):

  • The name of the program causing the problem or that you want to discuss.

  • The name of your operating system (e.g. Ubuntu Linux, Mac OSX, etc.).

  • A careful explanation of the problem (e.g. What is wrong? At which point does it occur?, etc.)

  • A copy of the error message (if available).

  • If possible, a command file or script that (re)produces the problem.

  • If necessary, a link to spectrum or response files that we could use to reproduce the problem.

The more information about the problem we have, the better we can help you. You can imagine that just telling us “Program X does not work!” (it really happens) does not contain enough information for us to find out what is going on. So please try to explain the problem in as much detail as possible in your first post.

Please keep in mind that your issue is likely to appear online for everybody to read. This way, people with similar SPEX problems can benefit from the answer that we give.

Go to our Github issue tracker.