3.1.14. Ignore: ignoring part of the spectrum Overview

If one wants to ignore part of a data set in fitting the input model, as well as in plotting this command should be used. The spectral range one wants to ignore can be specified as a range in data channels or a range in wavelength or energy. Note that the first number in the range must always be smaller or equal to the second number given. If multiple instruments are used, one must specify the instrument as well. If the data set contains multiple regions, one must specify the region as well. So per instrument/region one needs to specify which range to ignore. The standard unit chosen for the range of data to ignore is data channels. To undo ignore, see the use command (Use: reuse part of the spectrum).

The range to be ignored can be specified either as a channel range (no units required) or in either any of the following units: keV, eV, Rydberg, Joule, Hertz, Å, nanometer, with the following abbrevations: kev, ev, ryd, j, hz, ang, nm. Syntax

The following syntax rules apply:

ignore [instrument #i1] [region #i2] #r : Ignore a certain range #r given in data channels of instrument #i1 and region #i2. The instrument and region need to be specified if there are more than 1 data sets in one instrument data set or if there are more than 1 data set from different instruments.
ignore [instrument #i1] [region #i2] #r unit #a : Same as the above, but now one also specifies the unites #a in which the range #r of data points to be ignored are given. The units can be either Å (ang) or (k)eV. Examples

ignore 1000:1500 : Ignores data channels 1000 till 1500.
ignore region 1 1000:1500 : Ignore data channels 1000 till 1500 for region 1.
ignore instrument 1 region 1 1000:1500 : Ignores the data channels 1000 till 1500 of region 1 from the first instrument.
ignore instrument 1 region 1 1:8 unit ang : Same as the above example, but now the range is specified in units of Å instead of in data channels.
ignore 1:8 unit ang : Ignores the data from 1 to 8 Å, only works if there is only one instrument and one region included in the data sets.