3.1.19. Multiply: scaling of the response matrix Overview

This command multiplies (a component of) the response matrix by a constant.


If this command is repeated for the same component then the original response matrix is changed by the multiplication of the constants. For example, after multiplying the response matrix by a factor of 2, the original matrix is recovered by multiplying the intermediate result by 0.5.


The instrument number must be given in this command even if you use only a single instrument. Syntax

The following syntax rules apply:

multiply #i1 [component #i2] #r : Multiplies the response matrix of component #i2 of instrument #i1 by a constant #r. Examples

multiply 1 3.5 : Multiplies the response matrix from instrument 1 by a factor of 3.5.
multiply 1 component 2 3.5 : Multiplies the second component of instrument 1 by the constant 3.5.