3.2.6. Plot captions

SPEX has a set of captions defined for each plot. The properties of these captions as well as the text can be modified by the user. For the properties (font types etc.) see Plot text.

The following captions exist:

  • x : the x-axis, plotted below the frame

  • y : the y-axis, plotted left from the frame

  • z : the z-axis (for contour plots and images), plotted at the upper left edge of the frame

  • ut : the upper title text, plotted in the middle above the frame

  • lt : the lower title text, plotted between the upper title text and the frame

  • id : the plot identification, plotted to the upper right corner of the frame (usually contains the  version and time and date).

With the “plot cap” series of commands, the text, appearance and position of all these captions can be modified.